A contemporary Arab cinema series presented by the NYUAD Film and New Media Program in partnership with The Arts Center and Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

The program for 2017 covers:

Oct 16 – Blessed Benefit (at Paris-Sorbonne AD)
A 2016 drama directed by Mahmoud al Massad. Screened in the Discovery section at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

Oct 17 – Recycled (at NYUAD)
A 2008 World cinema drama directed by Mahmoud al Massed. A Jordanian family man living in the hometown of Muslim leader Al-Zarqawi.

Oct 16 – 18 – Filmmaking Workshop with Director, Mahmoud Massad.

Nov 6 – Mahbas (Solitaire) (at Paris-Sorbonne AD)
A 2016 dramedy directed by Sophie Boutros. A story of two families coming together in the midst of political prejudices.

Nov 7 – When Monaliza Smiled (at NYUAD)
A 2016 romcom directed by Fadi Haddad. A love story set in present day Amman among a community of nosy stereotypes and quirky characters.

Nov 6-8 – Filmmaking Workshop with Director, Fadi Haddad and Producer, Nadia Eliewat.

Additional dates in 2018