The hybridization of art and science, mixing subjects and genres, and even fact and fiction. Explore date palm genetics mysteries, robotic oryxes, trans-humanism, interspecies dialogues, and much more.

Spotlighting new features and short films spanning documentary, fiction, and experimental film and a new sci-art exhibition, the festival will host panel discussions, Q&As, talks, workshops, and performances, on a wide variety of pertinent scientific and sci-inspired subjects. In addition, in the weeks leading up to the festival Imagine Science Films will be promoting film and science throughout the region through talks, collaborations, and outreach.

“When you’re in a lab and you have to think about how to tackle a topic, there’s obviously the technical expertise… but it’s also extremely creative and I’m trying to show that those worlds are connected.” – Alexis Gambis, Festival Founder

“The fields of art and science have played a crucial role in furthering significant learning and development across mediums for generations. And bringing the two subjects together right here in the capital is Imagine Science Films.” – Time Out Abu Dhabi